Ana Arzoumanian

Ana Arzoumanian was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. She is a lawyer and writer. Professor of Philosophy of Law (1986-1999) at School of Law, Salvador University, Buenos Aires. She has done a scholarship on Holocaust and its transmission in Jerusalem in 2008. She has completed a posgraduate course on Psychoanalysis at Escuela de Orientación Lacaniana. Professor at FLACSO University (2015) on Creative Writing. She has published five books of poetry: Labios (1993), Debajo de la …Read More

Hugo Mujica

Hugo Mujica was born in Buenos Aires in 1942.  He studied Fine Arts, Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology and Theology.  This range of studies reflects itself in the variation of its works that covers so much the philosophy, like the anthropology, the narrative as the mystic and above all the poetry.  Among his main books of essays are “Origen y destino” (1987), “La palabra inicial” (1995), “Flecha en la niebla” (1997), “Poéticas del vacío” (2002), “Lo naciente” …Read More