Aurélia Lassaque

Aurélia Lassaque (1983) is a bilingual Occitan and French poet. Interested in the interaction between various forms of art, she often cooperates with visual artists, videomakers, dancers and particularly musicians. Her poems have been translated in full collections, journals and anthologies in more than twenty languages. She is an active advocate of linguistic diversity, e.g. in 2011 she organised for the Council of Europe the exhibition “Dialogue entre cultures et langues”, she is adviser of …Read More

Francis Combes

Francis Combes was born in 1953 in Marvejols in France. After his childhood, he moved with his family in Aubervilliers, on the outskirts Parisian, where he currently lives with his wife, the journalist Patricia Latour. He holds a degree in Computer Science and studied oriental languages (Russian, Chinese and Hungarian). Since very young he committed with politics: in 1968 he joined the Communist Youth, movement in which he held various responsibilities. From 1975 to 1981 he was national …Read More