Biagio Cepollaro

Biagio Cepollaro (Naples, 1959) is a poet and an artist. Along with Mariano Baino and Lello Voce, he founded the magazine Baldus (1990-1996) dedicated to literary experimentation. Theoretician of the “postmodern critic”, he was one of the promoters of the Group 93, which has been a group devoted to avant-garde literature. Since 2003, through his official website he publishes a collection of e-books called “Italian Poetry E-book” that includes reprints of works of poetry and narrative works of …Read More

Davide Castiglione

Davide Castiglione (Alessandria, 1985) graduated at the University of Pavia (2010) on Vittorio Sereni’s translations of William Carlos Williams. He currently lives in Nottingham (UK) where he is completing a PhD which applies linguistic and empirical methods to modernist and postmodernist poetry. He has published academic articles on international journals, such as “Strumenti critici” and “Journal of Literary Semantics”. In 2008 he won the “I Poeti Laureandi” prize and the “Subway”.  He published Per ogni frazione (Campanotto, 2010), …Read More

Alessia Cavallaro

Alessia Cavallaro graduated from University Ca’ Foscari in “European, American and Postcolonial Languages and Literatures” (Slavic and Balkan Studies). Since 2013 she is doing her PhD in “History of Art” with a research project entitled “The persistence of the icon in Russian art of the twentieth and twenty-first century”. She currently works as scientific secretary at the Centre for Studies on the arts of Russia (CSAR) and collaborates with Phonodia project.

Julian Zhara

Julian Zhara was born in Durrës, Albania, in 1986. He moved to Italy when he was 13 and has lived in Camposampiero (Padua) for 8 years. He has published two poetry collection: Liquori (Ibiskos-Ulivieri, 2008) and In apnea (Granviale, 2009). He has organized various poetry events including the poetry festival “Andata e Ritorno” in Venice in collaboration with “Blare Out” magazine. He curates the poetry section for the same magazine. Since March 2012, he started a collaboration with the composer Ilich …Read More

Carlotta Favaro

Carlotta Favaro is a MA student in Italian Literature at the Department of Humanities at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She collaborates to Phonodia project.

Claudio Cinti

Cinti Claudio was born in Ancona in 1959 and at present lives in Venice. He is a literary translator from English and Spanish. With Martha Canfield, he directed the series “Cosmos” (Latin-American writers) for Crocetti Editore, Milan; with Alessandro Romano shares the responsibility for the publishing project called Sinopia Onlus, a Publishing House based in Venice. In 2005 his poetry book Ipapecuana was judged worthy to receive the “International Poetry Prize Pier Paolo Pasolini”. In …Read More

Nanni Balestrini

Nanni Balestrini (Milan, 1935) is a poet, a novelist and a figurative artist. He currently lives between Paris and Rome. In the early 60s, he was one of the Italian writers published in the anthology I Novissimi (1961). During the 1960s, Balestrini contributed to founding the esthetic movement Called “Group 63”, which brought together several poets, writers and artists of the Italian new avant-garde; at that time, he was the editor of their publications. In 1963, he composed the first poem made with …Read More

Davide Racca

Davide Racca (Naples, 1979), graduated in Philosophy, is an artist with expertise in drawing and plastic arts, specifically Fresco and Wall paint. He realized exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His first book of poetry is Oltremarescuro (E-book, Edizioni Biagio Cepollaro, 2007). In 2008, he took part to the XIII Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. In the same year, he was included in the anthology of contemporary poets Leggere variazioni di rotta, …Read More

Fabio Franzin

Fabio Franzin (Milan, 1963) lives in Motta di Livenza, northwest of Treviso, Veneto. He works as poetry editor for the international journal of poetic civilization “Smerilliana”. He has published several books both in Italian and in his very specific Venetian dialect called Opitergino-Mottense. He is one of the authors belonging to the so-called neo-dialectal wave appeared in the Italian poetry scene in the last 10 years. In 2009, Atelier dedicated to his work a monographic …Read More

Stefano Strazzabosco

Stefano Strazzabosco (Thiene, 1964) has published four poetry collections: Racconto (1997), Dimmene tante (2003), Blister (2009) and 66 (2013). As a  literary translator, has worked mainly from Spanish, working on authors like Octavio Paz (Aquila o sole?, 2003), Fabio Morabito (Poesie, 2005), Carlos Montemayor (In un altro tempo io ero qui, 2006) and Aurelio Arturo (Casa al sud, 2009); from English, he translated Tomlinson and Simic; and from French, Rimbaud and Char. He also translated and edited into Spanish a collection of poems …Read More