Jesús Malia

Jesús Malia (Cádiz, 1978) is a mathematician and a poet. He published two collections of poetry, la cinta de moebius (2007) and Deriva (2015), and appeared in several anthologies. In 2012, he worked as editor and anthologist on πoetas Primera Antología de Poesía con Matemáticas and in 2015 on the poetic version of the Lilavati Matemáticas en verso del siglo XII, by Bhaskara published by SM and the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society. He directed the Colección …Read More

Antonio Cabrera

Antonio Cabrera was born in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz) in 1958. He is the author of three books of poetry: En la estación perpetua (Visor, 2000), which won the XII Premio Internacional de Poesía Fundación Loewe and the Premio Nacional de la Crítica 2001; Con el aire (Visor, 2004), for which he was awarded the XXV Premio Ciudad de Melilla, as well as the Premio de la Crítica Valenciana 2005; and Piedras al agua (Tusquets, 2010). …Read More

Virginia Navalón

Virginia Navalón Martínez (Valencia, 1988) is Architect since 2012 and Master in Restoration of Architectural Heritage since 2015. In 2010 she awarded the prize Jóvenes Creadores, given by Granada’s Council and the Academia de las Buenas Letras de Granada, with the book of poems La Hoja (Editorial Alhulia, Granada, 2011). In 2012 she awarded the second prize Nací en el Mediterráneo with the text Origen. In 2014 she was finalist of the international poetry prize …Read More

Gonzalo Pernas

Gonzalo Pernas (Madrid, 1981) is a poet, specialized researcher in arts and literature studies related to landscape – specifically about mountain. He is also a cultural mediator. He writes in journals as Leer or Álbum Letras-Artes and he lectured in many subjects like “Thoreau. Trascendentalismo y Naturaleza” and “Del Jardín epicúreo al huerto urbano”. Part of his work is available on the Internet in Ecos de Arcadia.

Abelardo Linares

Abelardo Linares (Seville, 1952) is a Spanish poet, editor, and bibliophile. In 1991, he received the prestigeous Premio de la Crítica, awarded by the Spanish Association of Literary Critics, for his book of poems, Espejos (“Mirrors”). In 1974, in a historic neighbourhood of Seville, Linares founded “Renacimiento”, a bookshop selling new and antique books. From the beginning, the shop specialized in Spanish and Hispanic literature. Its collection was much enriched by the purchase, in 1995, …Read More

Luisa Castro

Luisa Castro is a Spanish writer and journalist born in Foz, Lugo. She has lived in Barcelona, New York, Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. At present, she is the Director of the Cervantes Institute in Naples, Italy. She published her first collection of poems, Odisea definitiva: Libro póstumo, at the age of seventeen. Three years later, in 1986, her Los versos del eunuco won the first Premio Hiperión de Poesía, while in 1989 she received the …Read More

Vicente Cervera Salinas

Born in Albacete (Spain), Vicente Cervera Salinas studied at the University of Murcia and read his doctoral thesis on Jorge Luis Borges’ poetry. Since 1990 he has taught Latin-American Literature at the Faculty of Letters and in 2004, he obtained the “cátedra” as professor with a study on the presence of the myth of Dante’s Beatrice in Latin-American literature. His poetic career began in 1993 with De aurigas inmortales. The book was prefaced by Antonio Colinas and the …Read More

Juan Vicente Piqueras

Juan Vicente Piqueras was born in 1960 in Los Duques de Requena, a small village in the province of Valencia. In 1985 he moved from Spain. Since then he has lived in France, Italy, Greece and Algeria, away form any Spanish literary group and circle. He has published several books of poems. He has translated into Spanish Poesía completa by Tonino Guerra, the anthology Una calle para mi nombre by the Sarajevo’s poet Izet Sarajlic, Cosecha de ángeles by the Romanian …Read More

Maurilio de Miguel

Maurilio de Miguel (Madrid, 1961) had been working as a music critic for El Mundo and as a song composer for the performers Pancho Varona, Luis Pastor, David de María, and Cristina del Valle. In 2003 Geografías privadas del sueño (GPS) in 2003, Sial prize for poetry, was published. In 2009, his work Terrorista del silencio (Baile del Sol) was issued and a recital with the same name went on tour to the most important …Read More