An Ending

This reading was recorded by Alessandro Mistrorigo for Phonodia in Venice, Italy, on the 15th of October, 2013.

Read by Philip Morre on 15 October 2013

An Ending

"Quello del trasloco", per Enrico Palandri

Calling you one last time, I can imagine
our whole empty town-house, its rooms strangely
grand, for the absence of things, now cartons
marked in the hallway ‘Books’ ‘Kitchen’ ‘Bedroom 1’...

I picture you right at the top, in that lorn attic
once their nursery, oh, such a long way back,
our children that bickered and grew there dispersed:
one’s dead – in Oregon – another married and elsewhere;
your youngest’s on day-tickets from the asylum.
All three seem more real to you in their albums.

You are gazing out at the small gated square,
still glittering from a ten-minute rain-shower,
keeping an eye out for the shippers, remembering...
The telephone tugs at the hem of your mind;
you turn for the stairs, then shrug, and remain.
Leave it to ring, my love. Too late. Let it ring.

from The Sadness of Animals (Canterbury: San Marco Press, 2012).

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