Hippo Poetry

This reading was recorded at Radio Ca’ Foscari at CFZ, Venice, Italy, on the 17th of April 2013. Thanks to the Project Manager Toni Fontana and Nicolò Groja at the mixer.

Read by Tony A. Mochama on 17 April 2013

Hippo Poetry

This X-mas sees a hip of trouble
In Lake Naivasha
The hippos have split
Into two opposing camps
There are the hip-hop hippos
Who've gotten above themselves
They no longer wallow in the mud
And they wear "bling bling" rings

Then there are the hippie hippos
Who wear their hair long,
They are filthy, they think it's still 1966,
And they enjoy the frequent hypo-dermic fix.
The hip-hop hippos think they are hip and hype
The hippie hippos think the hip-hop hippos are hypocrites.

That is the jive, that is the dive,
that has caused the great divide
This X-Mas
Between the hip-hop,
And the hippy hippos
Of the Lake Naivasha.

From What If I am a Literary Gangster? (Nairobi: Brown Bear Insignia, 2007).

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