Old Shoes

This reading was recorded by Alessandro Mistrorigo for Phonodia in Venice, Italy, on the 15th of October, 2013.

Read by Philip Morre on 15 October 2013

Old Shoes

You have been so long in my heart
I wear your absence like old shoes,
and really I don’t know how I could
do without doing without you.
But I strode forth this morning
armoured for the Big Clean,
and you know I was making a fair fist
of parcelling the little regrets
(peccadilloes for the most part
timidly untasted)
when it came to me I was foolish
to be emptying and papering
the high cupboards, with all your things
still slung over the chair-backs.
So I’ve bundled the whole lot up
into one big sack for the trash-cart.
It’s time you moved on darling:
I need room for the new griefs.

from The Sadness of Animals (Canterbury: San Marco Press, 2012).

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