She Reads Russell’s “Storia della filosofia occidentale”

This reading was recorded by Alessandro Mistrorigo for Phonodia in Venice, Italy, on the 15th of October, 2013.

Read by Philip Morre on 15 October 2013

She Reads Russell’s “Storia della filosofia occidentale”

for Francesca

Aslant, one knee over the chair arm,
thick tome canted to hoard the light,
your lips move relishing an apothegm:
My love, you are well offshore tonight.

To watch you navigate those deep tides,
no trade for skill but your small frown,
is my own heart-catching high dive
into sweet water where the strong drown.

And I value this itch of jealousy:
you so far out from sight of land,
alone with all that bearded company!
– and still within reach of my hand.

from The Sadness of Animals (Canterbury: San Marco Press, 2012).

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