This reading was recorded by Alessandro Mistrorigo at Phonodia LAB in Venice, Italy, on the 2nd of April, 2014.

Read by Douglas Reid Skinner on 2 April 2014


—i.m. Erwin Schrödinger 1887–1961

To compress a single human being
eliminate all that is between
baryons, leptons, thoughts and dreams.
Keep only the bits. You end up with
far less than a single grain of wheat.

For we who believe implicitly
in the undeniably corporeal
nature of head and body and feet
are almost nothing, mostly nothing,
the merest whisper in the street—

not quite a nothing nothing,
an utter absence of anything,
but rather a fleeting, possible something
that before you stoop to take a peek
exists and doesn’t, equally.

from Blue Rivers (Plumstead: Snailpress/Crane River, 2011).

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