Júlio Mendonça

Julio Mendonça is a poet; he hold a PhD in Communication and Semiotics at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of São Paulo, is a specialist in Public Management (UFABC) and coordinates the Haroldo de Campos Reference Center at Casa das Rosas. He has been director of the “Department of Cultural Actions” in São Bernardo do Campo and consultant at “Pólis”, Institute of Studies, Training and Advising in Social Policies, participating to the Santo Amaro em …Read More

José Eduardo Degrazia

José Eduardo Degrazia was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, within a family of Italian immigrants. As a writer and a critic, he collaborates with newspapers and magazines in Brazil and abroad. He writes short stories, poems, fiction as well as essays on Brazilian, Latin American and Italian literature. He is a literary translator from Spanish, English and Italian. To Portuguese language, he has translated seven books by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and others works …Read More