Abraham Gragera

Abraham Gragera (Madrid, 1973) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. He has also studied psychology, philology and humanities. He has been included in numerous anthologies of contemporary Spanish poetry. He has published the collections of poetry Adiós a la época de los grandes caracteres (Pre-Textos, 2005), El tiempo menos solo (Pre-Textos, 2012), “El Ojo Critico” Award by RN in 2013, and O Futuro (Pre-Textos, 2017), “Best Book of the Year” Award in 2017 granted by the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid. He has translated, individually and in collaboration, Louise Glück, W.S. Merwin, Pascal Quignard and S. J. Lec, among others. He directed, along with Juan Carlos Reche, the poetry magazine Años diez. Currently, along with the choreographer and dancer Luz Arcas, he directs the contemporary dance company La Phármaco.