Adriana Hoyos

Born in Bogotá (Colombia) to a family of musicians, Adriana began studying violin from a very young age. In 1978, when she was just eleven years old, she moved to Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) where she first experienced solitude and rootlessness. Ever since then she has lived between Latin America and Europe. As a teenager, she read her first eye-opening works by Lorca and Neruda, and other works by more revolutionary authors such as Gimferrer, Mallarmé and Eliot. As a young adult, she moved back to Bogotá and lived for awhile in a little hotel in the city’s bohemian historic district while she played with the Youth Symphony Orchestra and survived by teaching violin. She attended literature classes at the Universidad Javierana, but the capital’s chaotic life and the nostalgia she felt led her to return to Spain. From 1992 to 1997, Adriana worked as an eye technician at the Instituto Oftalmológico Hoyos. She later went on to study Filmmaking at the Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos de Catalunia and attended screenwriting and documentary seminars with professors Patricio Gúzman and Ricardo Íscar. She directed two short films: “Elegía” and “Hotel Santa Fe”, selected at the Sitges International Film Festival. Brazil’s Iberoamerican Film Festival. Madrid’s Experimental Film Week, and Chroma in Mexico. In 2010, Adriana directed “Beneyto desdoblándose” funded by a grant from the Instituto de Cinematografía y Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). The piece was selected at the Ankara International Film Festival. 2012. FICA International Audiovisual Arts Festival. 2011. 13th International Documentary Screenings. Bogota 2011. In 2000, she moved to Madrid, where she has produced over a hundred spots and founded La Huella del Gato S.L., a production company that develops film projects and produces documentaries, advertisements, videos and promos for several TV channels. Since its origins in the year 2000, Adriana has also directed  Visual Cine Novísimo a Festival that, over the course of its twelve-year history, has managed to consolidate itself as a key platform for exhibiting and promoting cutting-edge audiovisual works in the region of Madrid and in Spain. In 2009, Adriana published La Torre Sumergida with publisher March Editor. In 2013, she published La mirada desobendiente with Devenir Editores. She is also Head of Communications for, the Association of Women in Film and MediA CIMA. She is a member of ACEC, the Catalonian Writers’ Association. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Barcarola, Revista Aleph, Revista Aurora Boreal, Revista de la Universidad de Antioquia and Revista Ómnibus.