Alessandro Mistrorigo

Currently working as Scientific Secretary at the Study Centre for Verbo-Visual Research SCORE at  the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, I am developing a research project on the role played by “voice” in the contemporary poetic language as well as realizing a digital on-line archive for recorded poetry reading in order to allow scholars to critically engage with literary recordings: Phonodia. With a PhD in Hispanic Studies, I have taught in subject fields like Spanish Contemporary Literature and Cinema, Latin American Studies, Translation and Comparative Studies. I have mainly published on 20th Century Spanish poetry; at present, I am completing a book on Vicente Aleixandre’s late work “Diálogos del Conocimiento”. Since 2011, I am also running dopotutto [d|t] with Roberto Minardi, a literary project about Contemporary Italian Poets living abroad.