Ana Arzoumanian

Ana Arzoumanian was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. She is a lawyer and writer. Professor of Philosophy of Law (1986-1999) at School of Law, Salvador University, Buenos Aires. She has done a scholarship on Holocaust and its transmission in Jerusalem in 2008. She has completed a posgraduate course on Psychoanalysis at Escuela de Orientación Lacaniana. Professor at FLACSO University (2015) on Creative Writing. She has published five books of poetry: Labios (1993), Debajo de la piedra (1998), El ahogadero (2002), Cuando todo acabe todo acabará (2008) and Káukasos (2011); two novels: La mujer de ellos (2001) and Mar Negro (2012); three stories: La granada (2003), Mía (2004) and Juana I (2006); as well as essays: El depósito humano: una geografía de la desaparición (2010), Hacer violencia. El régimen insurrecto en el arte (2014). She has translated from English The Long and the Short of Holocaust Verse by Susan Gubar (2007) , and from French Sade et l’ecriture de l’orgie by Lucienne Frappier Mazur (2006). From Armenian, Language is Also a Fire, 20 Poets of Armenia, an anthology of Armenian poetry translated into Spanish with Alice Ter-Ghevondian, El alambre no se percibía entre la hierba armenian short stories about Karabagh war. She is a member of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

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