Claudio Cinti

Cinti Claudio was born in Ancona in 1959 and at present lives in Venice. He is a literary translator from English and Spanish. With Martha Canfield, he directed the series “Cosmos” (Latin-American writers) for Crocetti Editore, Milan; with Alessandro Romano shares the responsibility for the publishing project called Sinopia Onlus, a Publishing House based in Venice. In 2005 his poetry book Ipapecuana was judged worthy to receive the “International Poetry Prize Pier Paolo Pasolini”. In 2011 he was awarded the “Premio Anual” by the Cámara Departamental del Libro of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) for his activities for the “Promoción, fomento y difusión del libro, la lectura y las bibliotecas”.

Profile at Sinopia Onlus: