Elena Medel

Elena Medel was born in Córdoba in 1985. She is the author of three books of poetry, now collected in Un día negro en una casa de mentira (Visor, 2015), and the essay El mundo mago. Cómo vivir con Antonio Machado (Ariel, 2015). Her debut Mi primer bikini (DVD, 2002) has been published in English (as My First Bikini, with translation by Lizzie Davis, Jai Alai Books, 2015) as well as versions of her poems can be found in a dozen of different languages. She is the Director Editor of the publisher La Bella Varsovia specialized in poetry, collaborates with various media, teaches creative writing workshops and coordinates the project “Cien de cien” in favour of the visibility of the work of Spanish poets of the 20th century. Among other awards, she has obtained the XXVI Loewe Award for Young Creation (Creación Joven) and the Princess of Girona Foundation Award 2016 for the category of the Arts and Letters. At the moment she lives in Madrid.

Official website: www.elenamedel.com