Elena Vlădăreanu

Elena Vlădăreanu is a poet and a journalist. She was born in 1981, in the town of Medgidia, in Romania. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters University of Bucharest. Starting 2001 she published articles in important cultural Romanian magazines, and, starting 2006, she created for the Romanian cultural radio channel the program Timpul prezent – [Present times]. 2002 is the year of the literary debut with din confesiunile distinsei doamne m. în colecţia underground “carmen” iniţiată de un Cristian” [confessions of the distinguished lady m. in the collection underground “carmen” initiated by a Christian]. The same year she published the volume pagini [pages], followed, in 2003, by fisuri [breaches] and, in 2005, Europa zece cântece funerare [Europe, ten funeral songs]. A selection of poems written by her was published in the anthology No More Poetry. New Romanian Poetry (Heaventree Press, 2007), translation by Adi Urmanov si David Morley. In 2009 she published the volume: spaţiu privat a handbook [private space – a handbook] that was recently translated in Italian by Gabriele di Palma: spazio private – a handbook and illustrated by Dan Perjovschi (Pietre Vive ed., 2016). “Someone wrote that private space was a criticism of the consumer society. This was not my goal. I wanted to write something similar to a consumer’s diary. Some other person wrote that it was ordinary, boring and that it lacked lyricism. But since when is life like this? Private space is, sometimes, cynical, much in the way commercial catalogues are, but does not reach the extreme: when you less expect it, you run into private life and endearing confessions”. (Elena Vlădăreanu in spaţiu privat – spazio private, http://www.wuz.it/libro). Elena Vlădăreanu also created a theater play, directed by Robert Bălan: Habemus bebe. It is a drama about “confusion and about time about body and identity, about nutrition, healthy food, anguish. About limits. Including the limits of litterature.” (Elena Vlădăreanu in Premiera spectacolului Habemus bebe, http://www.radioromaniacultural.ro/). She is now working, with Robert Bălan, on a new theatrical play that will be presented at the National Theater of Targu-Mures, Romania: One life alone.