Erik Lindner

Erik Lindner was born in 1968 in Den Haag (The Hague) in The Netherlands. He left secundary school on an early age and started to read his poetry in 1984, in the early years often with musicians, but soon after alone. In 1996 his first book of poetry was published, Tramontane (Perdu). He moved to Paris where he lived for two years and worked for five years for the Institut Néerlandais, organising exchanges between French and Dutch poets. In 2000 De Bezige Bij published his second book of poetry, Tong en trede (‘Tongue and thread’, 2000), followed by Tafel (‘Table’, 2004), Terrein (‘Terrain’, 2010) and Acedia (2014). In 2012 he was stipendiate of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm of DAAD and lived and worked a year in Berlin. Collections of his poetry appeared in French, German and Italian. Erik Lindner currently works as a freelance writer, poetry critic, teacher and editor of the literairy magazine Terras. His first novel Naar Whitebridge (‘To whitebridge’) was published by De Bezige Bij in 2013. Lindner has visited many poetry festivals and was a poet in resident in Taiwan, Canada, Greece, France. He is now working on his first book of essays on his travels as a poet.

Books in Dutch:

  • Tramontane. Perdu, 1996
  • Tong en trede. De Bezige Bij, 2000.
  • Tafel. De Bezige Bij, 2004.
  • De kunst van het dichten (met Henk van der Waal). Querido, 2009.
  • Terrein. De Bezige Bij, 2010.
  • Naar Whitebridge. De Bezige Bij, 2013.
  • Acedia. De Bezige Bij, 2014.

Translated books

  • In French: Terrain. Traduits du Néerlandais par Kim Andringa et Éric Suchère. cipM/ spectres familiaires, 2007.
  • In German: Nach Akedia. Ausgewählte Gedichte übersetzt aus dem Niederlandisch von Rosemarie Still. Matthes & Seitz, 2013. Mit ein Nachwort von Ulf Stolterfoth.
  • In Italian: Fermata Provvisoria. Traduzione di Pierluigi Lanfranchi. CFR Edizione, 2013.