Gintaras Grajauskas

Gintaras Grajauskas was born in 1966 in Kapsukas (now Marijampolė), Lithuania. He studied the specialty of Chorus conductor at the Stasys Šimkus Conservatoire, and then Jazz at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire in Klaipéda. Following this he worked for various radio and television stations and, since 1994, for the daily newspaper “Klaipėda”, for which he edits the literary suplement “Gintaro lašai” (Amber Drops). Since 2008 he is the head of literary department of Klaipėda Drama theatre. His first collection of poems, Tatuiruotė (“Tattoo”), was published in 1993. He published more books of poetry, such as Kaulinė dūdelė (“Bone Flute”) in 1999, for which Grajauskas won the Lithuanian “Spring of Poetry” and leva-Simonaitytė-Literature Prizes in 2000. His poems have been translated into many languages, including English, German, French, Swedish and Polish. Grajauskas was awarded the Lithuanian Ministry for Culture’s Prize in 2003, and in 2007 he won the Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross for his play Mergaitė, kurios bijojo Dievas (“The Girl Who Frightened God”). In 2013 Grajauskas was awarded the Prize of the Government of Lithuania. Grajauskas lives and works in Klaipėda. Alongside his writing, he also plays bass and sings in the bands “Rokfeleriai”, “Kontrabanda”.

Books in Lithuanian:

  • Tatuiruotė (Tattoo), 1993, Z. Gele Prize for the best first book of poems;
  • Atsiskyrėlio atostogos (Hermit’s Holidays), poems, 1996;
  • Katalogas (Catalogue), poems, 1997;
  • Kaulinė dūdelė (Bone Pipe), poems, 1999, Spring of Poetry and I. Simonaityte prizes;
  • Iš klausos (By Ear), essays, 2002;
  • Naujausių laikų istorija (History of the Newest Times), poems, 2004.
  • Erezija (Heresy), novel, 2005.
  • Mergaitė, kurios bijojo Dievas (A Girl Whom God Was Afraid of),  plays, 2007.
  • Eilėraščiai savo kailiu (poems), 2008.
  • Mažumynai (The Small Things), essays, 2010.
  • Istorijos apie narsųjį riterį Tenksalotą ir drakoną misterį Kaindlį (The Stories about brave knight Thanksalot and the Dragon Mr. Kindly), novel, 2012


  • Comic, or The Man with the Iron Teeth, Pilies teatras (The Castle Theater, Klaipėda, dir. A. Vizgirda), 2002, Award of Lithuanian Culture Ministry;
  • Reservation, International  Theater festival in Avignon (stage reading, dir. O. Koršunovas),  Klaipėda Drama Theater (dir. A.Giniotis), 2004.
  • The Lithuanians, 2007.
  • A Girl Whom God Was Afraid of, 2007; The Golden Stage Cross for national dramaturgy, 2008; Klaipėda Drama Theater (dir. J. Vaitkus), 2010.

 Translated Books

  • Benflöjt. Stekag: Ariel, 2002 – Sweden.
  • Knochenflöte. Edition Erata, Leipzig 2003 – Germany.
  • przegrany grajewski. Fundacja Anima, Łódz 2003 – Poland.
  • La Reserve. Edition Espaces 34. In Collection Espace Theater. 2008 – France.
  • Barricate quotidiane. Joker Edizioni, 2008 – Italy.