Gökçenur Ç.

Gökçenur Ç. was born in Istanbul in 1971 and spent his childhood in a number of Turkish cities. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering Faculty and obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University. He started publishing his poems in Turkish magazines since 1990 and his first collection Handbook of Every Book came out in 2006 and the second one Rest of the Words in 2010. Both books are published by Yitik Ülke (Lost Land) Publishing House. His third book Onüç Kuşa Bakmanın Tek Yolu (The Only Way of Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds at Once) is published by I Libri Del Merlo publishing house in 2011, in Italy in Italian and Turkish bilingually. His forth book Sırtında Bunca Sözcükle (So Many Words On Your Back; Yitik Ülke Yayınları, 2012), are followed by a bilingual Selected Poetry book published in Serbia, Dünyadayız, Dil De Dünyada, Ne Güzel Herkes Burada/U Svetu Smo Mi, U Svetu Su Reči, Ovde Je Sve Tako Savršeno (We are in the World So Are Words, How Nice Everyone’s Here (Turkish-Serbian; Treci Trg Yayınevi, 2012, Belgrade). His latest book is Doğanın Ölümü (Dead of Nature; Yitik Ülke Yayınları,2014). He has attended several poetry and translation workshops and festivals in Riga, Vilnius, Istanbul, Athens, Tel-Aviv, Munich, Belgrade, Lodeve, Sofia, Zagreb, Edinburgh, Crear and Cunda. His poems have been translated to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Maltese, Greek, Bulgarian, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Occitane, Galician, Asturian, Hungarian, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew and published in literary magazines. He organized and managed many poetry translation workshops in İstanbul, Gümüşlük and Tel-Aviv and Kadir Has University. He translated into Turkish several poets: Wallace Stevens, Paul Auster, Anne Carson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Katerina Illiopoulou, Milan Dobricic, Ivan Hristov, Claudiu Komartin, Nikola Madzirov, Faruk Sehiç, Santoka, Bei Dao and edited a Modern Japanese Haiku Anthology and Poet Laureates of America Anthology. Being Marseille the European Capital of Culture, in 2013 he participated to a series of special artistic books related to the 26 letters of French alphabet. For each letter a European poet was chosen and asked to fill 26 pages with some poems of their in hand writing: his letter was the “C”. He is the prime mover and co-director of Word Express (www.word-express.org). He is one of the founders and board member of Delta International Cultural Interactions. He is a member of the editorial board of Macedonian based international literary magazine Blesok. Gökçenur Ç. is his pen name.

His poetry books are:

  • Her Kitabın Elkitabı (Yitik Ülke Yayınları,2006); Handbook of Every Book
  • Söze Mezar (Yitik Ülke Yayınları 2010); Rest of the Words
  • Onüç Kuşa Bakmanın Tek Yolu / L’unico Modo Per Verdere Tredici Merli Tutti Assieme
    (Turkish-Italian edition; I Libri Del Merlo Publishing House, 2011); The Only Way of Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds at Once
  • Sırtında Bunca Sözcükle (Yitik Ülke Yayınları, 2012); So Many Words On Your Back
  • Dünyadayız, Dil De Dünyada, Ne Güzel Herkes Burada / U Svetu Smo Mı, U Svetu Su Rečı, Ovde Je Sve Tako Savršeno (Turkish-Serbian edition; Treci Trg Yayınevi, 2012); We are in the World So Are Words, How Nice Everyone’s Here
  • Doğanın Ölümü (Yitik Ülke Yayınları,2014); Dead of Nature