Hugo Mujica

Hugo Mujica was born in Buenos Aires in 1942.  He studied Fine Arts, Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology and Theology.  This range of studies reflects itself in the variation of its works that covers so much the philosophy, like the anthropology, the narrative as the mystic and above all the poetry.  Among his main books of essays are “Origen y destino” (1987), “La palabra inicial” (1995), “Flecha en la niebla” (1997), “Poéticas del vacío” (2002), “Lo naciente” (2007), “La casa y otros ensayos” (2008), “La pasión según Georg Trakl” (2009) and “El saber del no saberse” (2014).  ” Solemne y mesurado” (1990) and “Bajo toda la lluvia del mundo” (2008), are his two short storybooks.  His poetry work, initiated in 1983, has been published in Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, United States, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Slovenia, Greece and Bulgaria.  In 2013 Vaso Roto published his “Complete Poetry  1983-2011”, and in 2013 he published “Cuando todo calla” (XIII Premio Casa de América de Poesía Americana), his up to now last poetry book. His life and trips have been the main material of his work, milestones as the to have lived and participated of the decade of the 60 life in the Greenwich Village of new York, as plastic artist, or to have quiet for seven years in the silence of the monastic life of the Trappist Order, where began write, they are some of the steps of his own history.

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