José Eduardo Degrazia

José Eduardo Degrazia was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, within a family of Italian immigrants. As a writer and a critic, he collaborates with newspapers and magazines in Brazil and abroad. He writes short stories, poems, fiction as well as essays on Brazilian, Latin American and Italian literature. He is a literary translator from Spanish, English and Italian. To Portuguese language, he has translated seven books by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and others works by Italian poets such as Giovanni Pascoli and Umberto Saba – as well as more contemporary poets such as Gaetano Longo. His books have been translated in several languages and published in Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Japan, etc. At present, he has already written eighteen books. He was awarded with the 150th Anniversary Poetry Prize for the Italian Colonization of Rio Grande do Sul with Lavra permanente – translated into Italian by Gaetano Longo with the title Lavoro perenne and also awarded with the Trieste International Poetry Prize in 2013. The year before, he also won the Mihai Eminescu Prose Prize. He is a member of the Literary Academy of Rio Grande do Sul. He also works as ophthalmologist and has written essays published in referred journals about ophthalmology and translated scientific books from English to Portuguese.