Julian Zhara

Julian Zhara was born in Durrës, Albania, in 1986. He moved to Italy when he was 13 and has lived in Camposampiero (Padua) for 8 years. He has published two poetry collection: Liquori (Ibiskos-Ulivieri, 2008) and In apnea (Granviale, 2009). He has organized various poetry events including the poetry festival “Andata e Ritorno” in Venice in collaboration with “Blare Out” magazine. He curates the poetry section for the same magazine. Since March 2012, he started a collaboration with the composer Ilich Molin to work on the project Dune. Thanks to this project he was included  in the finalists for the Premio Dubito. His poems have been published in the anthology L’epoca che scrivo, la rivolta che mordo. Le poesie dei finalisti. Premio Dubito. (Agenzia X, 2014). Also, poems of his can be found in several blogs and on the online site of L’Unità. He currently lives, works and writes in Venice.