Julio Reija

Julio Reija (Madrid, 1977) is a textual, visual and oral poet, born and raised between the prosperous and optimistic Madrid of the 80’s and its ominous system and nervous breakdown during the 90’s, has been publishing poetry —his and others’— since 1997, when he cofounded entonces, Revista de Creación y Recreación, where poetry, prose, translation and visual arts came together. His artistic backbone, in his opinion, is the poeticity of everyday’s life — natural, material, social, psychological, spiritual… —, and the overshadowing and overlapping of different Zeitgeisten is the main fuel of his poems. He has also designed and illustrated books for more than a decade, and is absolutely in love with each and every aspect of human languages and the mysterious and multidimensional ways they get to the receiver, so he tries to explore them and use every dimension of the words to boost/ their capacity/ to convey their meanings. His publications include the collections of poems Los libros (Madrid, Huerga & Fierro, 2003), Perla provocada (Barcelona, Icaria, 2008), Despiece peatonal // Respiración continua (Madrid, Ya lo dijo Casimiro Parker, 2010) and : (poesía visual) (Madrid, Del Centro Editores, 2012), as well as the flash fiction book Diecisiete milagros ciertos y una disquisición acerca de la posible santidad de sir Galaz (Madrid, Entonces, 2000). His writings have also been included in the poetry anthologies Un siglo de sonetos en español (Madrid, Hiperión, 2000), Inéditos (Madrid, Huerga & Fierro, 2002), Veinticinco poetas españoles jóvenes (Madrid, Hiperión, 2003), En pie de paz (Córdoba, Plurabelle, 2003), Antolojaja. Humor en la poesía española joven (Madrid, La Flauta Mágica, 2003), Alfileres. El haiku en la poesía española última (Lucena, Ayuntamiento de Lucena, 2004), Todo es poesía menos la poesía (Madrid, Eneida, 2004), V premio de poesía experimental Diputación de Badajoz (Badajoz, Diputación de Badajoz, 2006) and Palabras sobre palabras (Santiago de Chile, Santiago Inédito, 2010).