Mary Barbara Tolusso

Mary Barbara Tolusso lives between Triest and Milan, where she works as journalist. She published several collections of poetry: L’inverso ritrovato (Lietocolle, 2003), which won the 2004 Pasolini Prize; Il freddo e il crudele (Stampa 2012) which was awarded Fogazzaro Prize in 2012; and Mea infera caro (Edb Edizioni). She collaborated with Almanacco dello Specchio (Mondadori), the most important Italian publication of poetry. Since 2005 she has been in charge of the Cetonaverde Poetry Prize awarded to authors under 35. In 2010 she published her first novel L’imbalsamatrice (Gaffi Editore) and in 2013 a volume dedicated to Triest in Grandi scrittori del Nordest, a book series directed by Gian Mario Villalta. She works as editorial director of poetry list Apolide (Lietocolle) and editor of Nuovo Quadernario di Poesia, a poetry magazine directed by Maurizio Cucchi. Some of her poems have been translated in Spanish, Slovenian and English and others have been included in the literary magazine Nuovi Argomenti and in Almanacco dello Specchio.