María Victoria Atencia

María Victoria Atencia (Malaga, 1931) is a poet whose first publications appeared in Malaga as non-venal, limited editions, printed on paper she were used to make in her own house. This peculiar way of publishing her early works as well as the fifteen years of silence in between her first two books, Arte y parte (1961) and Marta & María (1976), could have been the reason why her name has usually been omitted in the list of the generation that chronologically corresponds to her, the so called “Post-war 2nd generation” of poets. Her name appeared later among the following generation, the “Novísimos”, to which hers new modes of expression really belong. During these years, she won the Andalusian Critic’s Award, the National Critic’s Award, the Royal Spanish Academy Award for his poetry collection El Umbral (2011), the biennial Award “Luis de Góngora de las Letras Andaluzas”, the City of Granada International Award “Federico García Lorca” and the Reina Sofía Prize of Iberoamerican Poetry (2014), as well as the Elio Antonio de Nebrija Prize. She is a member of the Royal Academies of Fine Arts of Malaga, Cádiz, Sevilla, Córdoba and San Fernando, Honorary Associate of The Hispanic Society of America of New York and Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Málaga. She holds the Gold Medal of the Province of Malaga and has been chosen as a Favorite Daughter of Andalusia. The Junta de Andalucía has declared her “Author of the Year 2014” and the Institute of Academies of Andalusia has awarded her with its Medal of Honor in 2014. On the 8th of may of the same year, the Centro Cultural Generación del 27 became the Centro Cultural Provincial María Victoria Atencia. She has been distinguished with the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts 2015 according to Royal Decree approved by the Council of Ministers on December 29. In Malaga, her name has been used also for a Secondary School and an Avenue. She is an aviation pilot, married and mother of four children.

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