Mario Meléndez

Mario Meléndez (Linares, Chile, 1971) studied Journalism and Social Communication. Among his publications there are: Apuntes para una leyenda, Vuelo subterráneo, El circo de papel e La muerte tiene los días contados. In 1993 he won the Municipality Literary Prize for the 200th Anniversary of Linares. His poems are published in various literary magazines and anthologies both in Chile and abroad. In early 2005, he was awarded with the Harvest International Prize delivered to the best poetry in Spanish and conferred by the University of California Polytechnic. Part of his works has been translated into Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian and Catalan. For four years he lived in Mexico City, where he directed a collection on the major Latin American poets for “Laberinto Editions” and edited several anthologies of poetry in Chile and Latin America. He currently lives in Italy. In January 2013, he received the President of the Italian Republic Medal, granted by the International Foundation of Don Luigi Liegro. He is considered one of the most important voices of the new Latin American poetry.