Maurilio de Miguel

Maurilio de Miguel (Madrid, 1961) had been working as a music critic for El Mundo and as a song composer for the performers Pancho Varona, Luis Pastor, David de María, and Cristina del Valle. In 2003 Geografías privadas del sueño (GPS) in 2003, Sial prize for poetry, was published. In 2009, his work Terrorista del silencio (Baile del Sol) was issued and a recital with the same name went on tour to the most important Middle Eastern cities, ending in the Biblioteque National of Túnez ( In 2010, Maurilio de Miguel moved to Venice working in the artistic committee of the “Festival Palabra en el Mundo” ( He also works as a cultural advisor for the Spanish Department for Culture. Maurilio de Miguel has published his poems in “Sibila” and “Voce della Luna,” among other literary magazines. He also had held conferences at the Carlos III and Complutense Universities of Madrid as well as other important places all over the world. In 2013, Maurilio de Miguel published his latest collection of poems, Balada para ciudades perdidas, with Jack Hirchsman’s prologue and Gore Vidal’s epilogue. With Jack Hirchsman, he took part in the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the bombing of Gemika. The same year, he hosted the 6th poetry festival “Palabra en el Mundo” held in Venice at Ca’ Foscari University’s Auditorium Santa Margherita. In 2014 Maurilio de Miguel attended the UNESCO 11th World Poetry Day, celebrated at Palazzo Zuckermann in Padua as well as the international poetry series at TheArtsBox in Vicenza. At present, Maurilio de Miguel runs a house of artists in Madrid, works as scriptwriter for the TV2 programme “Metrópolis” and collaborates with filmmakers such as José Luis García Sánchez and Juan Antonio Bayona. Three poetic anthologies published in 2014, Amores infieles (Pigmalion), Alquimia (Universidad de Huelva) and C’è chi crede nei sogni (Sandro Teti Editore) include a number of his works. The first prize of the Ente Nazionale per il Turismo (2005) and the “Rosa del desierto” in the FISHARA Festival (2006) also belong to the assets of this writer, who had his texts translated into French, Italian, Russian, Arab, Turkish, German and English.