Nguyen Chi-Trung

Born in a city on the coast in South Vietnam, grown up in Saigon, he got a national scholarship in the sixties to come to Germany where he studied philosophy and applied mathematics. He has worked as a Doktor-Ingenieur, quitted it since 1996 and is living now in Stuttgart as a writer. He has been writing poems and letters, sometimes essays, in two languages German and Vietnamese for over five decades, since the very early sixties. He also translates world poetry into Vietnamese: Hölderlin, Khayyam, Rimbaud, Leopardi, Kavafis, Dickinson, Porchia, etc. Sometimes he does drawings and calligraphies. Very few of his writings have been published so far.

In Vietnamese:

  • Thơ Tình (Love Poems), Stuttgart 1981
  • Trong Hồi Tắt Hơi (Last Breathing), Stuttgart 1984
  • Thi Ca (Poetry), Hanoi 1996
  • Thi Ca Ngoại Tập (Poetry – Outer Volume), Hanoi 1997
  • Sương Mù Và Ngựa Hồng (Fog and Rosa Horse), Saigon 1997
  • Bụi Bặm (Dust), Nxb Văn Nghệ, Sài Gòn, 2008
  • Bảy Lời, (Seven Words), 7 volumes, Saigon 2012
  • Nguyễn Du: Thơ Chữ Hán (Translation), Saigon, 2013

In German:

  • Zehn Gedichte an die Erde, Stuttgart 1984
  • Auf Geheiß des Mittags, Stuttgart 1991
  • Das Kalte Gedicht, Stuttgart 1992
  • Winde, Stuttgart 1993
  • Die Wüstengedichte, Elzach-Yach  1994

 In English:

  • Winds, 2004
  • The Cold Poem, 2011


  • Venti, 2014