Nicolae Dabija

Nicolae Dabija was born on 15 July 1948. He is one of the creators of the independence of the Moldavian Republic from the S.U. He wrote over 80 volumes of poems, prose, essays. The Generation ’70 of writers took the name of his first volume: Ochiul al treilea (1975). Other books: Apă neîncepută (1980), Zugravul anonim (l985), Aripă sub cămaşă (1989), Mierla domesticită (1992), Dreptul la eroare (1993), Fotograful de fulgere (1998), Maraton printre gloanţe (2008), Psalmi de dragoste (2013), Tema pentru acasă (2009 novel translated in many languages and considered by literary critics as a book for the Nobel Prize). He received the Big Prize of the International Poetry Festival in Trieste (2014), the «Giacomo Leopardi» Prize of the Centro Mondiale della Poesia e della Cultura Giacomo Leopardi (Recanati, Italia, 2015), the «Nichita Stănescu» Prize (1992, Romania), the «Lucian Blaga» Prize (1993, România), the «Saint George» Prize of the International Festival of Poetry in Uzdin (Serbia, 2006), The National Poetry Prize of the Republic of Moldavia, the «Mihai Eminescu» Poetry Prize of the Academy of Romania (1995), the International Poetry Prize «Umberto Mastroiani» (Fontana di Liri, Italia, 2015), the Prize Italia-2013 for Culture (2013) etc. He is editor in chief for the weekly «Literatura şi Arta» of the Union of Writers, he is president of the Association for Science, Culture and Art, member of the Academy of Sciences of the Moldavian Republic and of Romania.