Paolo Dagonnier

Paolo Dagonnier was born in 1990 in Liège, Belgium. He decided to start writing poetry at the age of 18 when he discovered through Jack Kerouac that great verses should not necessarily rhyme. In 2011, under the pen name Niall Yates, he co-founded with a group of friends the literary magazine Chromatique, which won the Georges Lockem Prize in 2013. The magazine is still in print today and is given out every season, for free. Paolo’s poetry can be qualified as energetic, straightforward and sometimes bittersweet, as he tries to reverberate the experience of the “Youtube generation” on paper. His themes range from Facebook’s enthusiastic loneliness to the mysterious charm of cheap supermarkets’ cashiers. His favorite poets include Bob Dylan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Pablo Neruda, the rapper Kendrick Lamar and his Brazilian cleaning lady Paula. Paolo now works as a volunteer in a bookshop in Pescara, Italy, and his first collection of poetry And the Beat Goes On ! was published in 2015 in Brussels by maelstrÖm editions.