Ruxandra Cesereanu

Ruxandra Cesereanu is a poet, essayist, novelist, short story writer, and literary critic. Her poetry has been characterized by several critics as postmodern and influenced by Surrealism and its Romanian avatar, the Onirism. Some of her works are written in a style theorized by the poet herself and called by the name delirionism (from “delirium”). According to the author these poems are the result of “the transposition of a semi-psychedelic trance into poetry” (Ruxandra Cesereanu, Submarinul iertatThe forgiven submarine in “România literară”, june 2007). She also wrote the Delirionist Manifesto. She is the author of more than twenty volumes of poetry, narrative and essays. She published the following collections of poetry: Zona vieLiving Zone (1993), Grădina deliciilorThe Garden of Delights (1993),  Cădere deasupra oraşuluiFall above the City (1994), Oceanul SchizoidianThe Schizoid Ocean (1998, 2006), Femeia cruciat – The Crusader Woman (anthology, 1999), Veneţia cu vene violete. Scrisorile unei curtezane Venice with Violet Veins: The Letters of a Courtesan (2002), Kore-Persephone (2004); prose: Călătorie prin oglinziJourney through Mirrors (1989), Purgatoriile – The Purgatories (1997), Tricephalos (2002), and Nebulon (2005), and political essays: Călătorie spre centrul infernului. Gulagul în conştiinţa româneascăJourney to the Centre of Hell: The Gulag in the Romanian Awareness (1998, 2005), Panopticum. Tortura politică în secolul XXPanopticum: Political Torture in the Twentieth Century (2001), Imaginarul violent al românilorThe Violent Imagery of Romanians (2003), Decembrie ’89. Deconstrucţia unei revoluţiiDecember ’89: Deconstruction of a Revolution (2004), Persecuţie şi rezistenţă. Vasile Cesereanu Un preot greco-catolic în dosarele de urmărire de către Securitate – Persecution and resistance. Vasile Cesereanu. A Greek Catholic priest in the files of Securitate (2016). She is also known as a journalist, literary historian, film critic, professor of literature at the «Babeş–Bolyai» University of Cluj-Napoca, member of the Center for Imagination Studies at the Phantasma Institute, where she delivers creative writing workshops on poetry, prose and screenwriting. Some of her works have been translated in English and recently, the volume Venice with Violet Veins: The Letters of a Courtesan has been translated in Italian by Giovanni Magliocco: Venezia dale vene viola. Lettere di una cortigiana (Aracne 2015).