Serge Delaive

Serge Delaive was born in 1965 in Liège, Belgium. Passionate for Philip K. Dick, Hugo Pratt and Arthur Rimbaud, he began writing poetry at the age of twenty and published his first collection, Légendaire, in 1995 (Editions Les Eperonniers, Brussels). In 1998, together with other Belgian poets and writers, he founded the literary magazine “Le Fram”. He is also a novelist and among his work of fiction there are: Café Europa (Editions de la Différence: Paris, 2004), L’homme sans mémoire (Editions de la Différence: Paris, 2008) and Argentine (Editions de la Différence: Paris, 2009) which obtained the Rossel Prize in the same year. Also passionate about photography, his works have been exhibited in Liège (CP-CR), Amay (Maison de la poésie) and Paris (Librairie Wallonie-Bruxelles, Librairie Itinéraires). His poetry collections are:

  • Légendaire, Editions Les Eperonniers, Bruxelles, 1995.
  • Monde jumeau, Editions Les Eperonniers, Bruxelles, 1996.
  • Par l’oeil blessé, L’Arbre à paroles, Amay, 1997.
  • Revolver, Editions de l’Acanthe, Namur/Bruxelles, 1999.
  • Le livre canoë, Editions de la Différence, Paris, 2001.
  • En rade, Décharge/Gros textes, Toucy/Châteauroux-les-Alpes, 2006.
  • Les jours followed by Ici là, Editions de la Différence, Paris, 2006 (Marcel Thiry Prize 2007).
  • Poèmes sauvages, Maelström éditions, Bruxelles, 2007.
  • Le sexe des boeufs, Tétras Lyre, Soumagne, 2008, with an original drawing by Robert Varlez.
  • Une langue étrangère, L’Arbre à paroles, Amay, 2008, with an original drawing by Marilu Nordenflycht.
  • Art farouche, Editions de la Différence, Paris, 2011.