Sergey Gandlevsky

Sergey Gandlevsky was born in Moscow in 1952. He graduated in Russian literature at the University of Moscow and has been writing poetry since he was eighteen. One of the most prominent among the Russian poets, he is a complete author: beside poetry he has been writing short stories, novels, essays, critical writings and plays. In the 70’s, he was one of the founders and participants of the group of poets “Moscow Time” (Московское время) along with Alexei Tsvetkov, Aleksandr Soprovski and Kenzheiev Bakhit, and the group “The intimate conversation” (Задушевная беседа) – later “The Almanac” (Альманах) – together with Dmitri Prigov, Timur Kibírov, Lev Rubinstein and others. At present, he is a member of the club “Poetry” and collaborates with the journal “Foreign literature» (Иностранная литература). In 1991, he was admitted to the Union of Russian Writers. He has participated to several festivals of poetry in Georgia, Turkey, Japan, United States, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Poland. He lives in Moscow, is married and has two children.