Stefano Strazzabosco

Stefano Strazzabosco (Thiene, 1964) has published four poetry collections: Racconto (1997), Dimmene tante (2003), Blister (2009) and 66 (2013). As a  literary translator, has worked mainly from Spanish, working on authors like Octavio Paz (Aquila o sole?, 2003), Fabio Morabito (Poesie, 2005), Carlos Montemayor (In un altro tempo io ero qui, 2006) and Aurelio Arturo (Casa al sud, 2009); from English, he translated Tomlinson and Simic; and from French, Rimbaud and Char. He also translated and edited into Spanish a collection of poems by the italian poet Tonino Guerra. His is the theatrical monolog Tina. Masque sobre/su Tina Modotti (2007) as well as several critical articles on poets and writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He also has edited critical editions (Alfonso Varano, Le Visioni sacre, e morali, 2007), conference proceedings (Guido Piovene tra idoli e ragione, 1996; Aproximaciones a Giordano Bruno, 2003) and anthologies (Piovene, 1994; Parise, 1996; Favolario illustrato. Scrittori e illustratori per i Villaggi SOS, 2007; Vicenza. Antologia dei grandi scrittori, 2012). At present, he lives and works in Vicenza, where he teaches in a high school and manages the international poetry festival “dire poesia” (