Taeko Uemura

Taeko Uemura is a Japanese poet and writer born in Kyoto. After graduating from Konan University, Faculty of Letters in 1970, she promoted a a movement “Oral Poetry Group” in 70’s with the poet Arima Takashi. Today she is director of Japan Universal Poets Association in Kyoto, member of the Japan Pen Club and the Kansai Poets Association. She is author of several poetry collections and essays. Taeko has been invited at many famous international poetry festivals such as Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia (2012, 2013, 2015), Europa in Versi in Como (2015), Incontro di Poesia in Milano (2016), Genoa International Poetry Festiva (2016). She received the Japan Universal Poets Association Award for Excellent Poet on 2012. Among the poetry collections: Musu no Irritation (Numberless Irritation, 1989), Kagami niwa Utsuranakatta, (Never be reflected in the mirror, 1992), Onna no ma no toki (Woman’s Devil Time, 1995). Her main essays are: Kyoto Monogatari (A story of Kyoto, 1997), Daichi ni Yume Motomete – Brazil Imin to Hirao Heizaburo no Kiseki (2001; english translation: To a Vanishing Point, JUNPA BOOKS 2012, Amazon Kindle 2013). [by Filippo Dornetti]