Vicente Cervera Salinas

Born in Albacete (Spain), Vicente Cervera Salinas studied at the University of Murcia and read his doctoral thesis on Jorge Luis Borges’ poetry. Since 1990 he has taught Latin-American Literature at the Faculty of Letters and in 2004, he obtained the “cátedra” as professor with a study on the presence of the myth of Dante’s Beatrice in Latin-American literature. His poetic career began in 1993 with De aurigas inmortales. The book was prefaced by Antonio Colinas and the same year it received the International Poetry Prize “América”. His second poetry collection, La partitura, was published in 2000 by Vitruvio. In 2003, Verbum published  El alma oblicua. This book was translated into Italian and published in 2008 by Levante Editori, as L’anima obliqua, prefaced by Gabriele Morelli. The French translation, L’âme oblique, appeared in 2010 by Paquebot, and in 2012 the portuguese version, Alma obliqua, was published in Brazil by Terracotta. In 2010, Cervera Salinas publishes Escalada y otros poemas (Madrid: Verbum) with a poem-prologue by José Emilio Pacheco. The first critical edition of his poetry appears in an anthological volume in Italian-Spanish bilingual edition, translated and edited by Prof. Marina Bianchi and Prof. Mario Benvenuto in 2013: Figli del divenire. Antologia poetica 1993-2013. Cervera Salinas’ poetic works appear in several anthologies of contemporary Hispanic poetry, as Epitafio de fuego (2006), sharing space with Argentine, Mexican, Chilean and Spanish poets. In 2008, he appeared in other important anthology of Spanish and Latin-American poets, born in the decade of the sixties, Animales extraños. Cervera Salinas was also included in an anthology of 25 contemporary Spanish poets translated into French, in the review Inuits dans la jungle, nº1. Among his recitals and participations in Poetry Festivals there are the IX Meeting of Latin American Poetry, in October 2006, held in Salamanca (Spain) and the XVI Marathon de Poesía “La Pluma y la Palabra”, organized by George Mason University in Washington DC, in April 2008, in which he read at the Library of Congress as representative of Spanish poetry together with José Carlos Mestre. He also was at the Second Conference of Spanish teacher training, in June 2009, at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia, where some of his poems were read both in Spanish and in Bulgarian language. He took part in the 4th edition of Primptemps de Poètes, held in Luxembourg in April 2011, and at the Lumières d’ ailleurs Congress, at the Université Lyon 2, January 2014, as well as the Festival for Poetry at the Università degli Studi di Milano and Instituto Cervantes of Milan, in the International Day of Poetry  (March 21st, 2014). He participated in the International Festival La Mar de Músicas, held in Cartagena in 2010 and 2013, with Colombia and Perú as guest countries, where Cervera Salinas shared reading with authors like Piedad Bonnett or Rodolfo Hinostroza.