Virginia Navalón

Virginia Navalón Martínez (Valencia, 1988) is Architect since 2012 and Master in Restoration of Architectural Heritage since 2015. In 2010 she awarded the prize Jóvenes Creadores, given by Granada’s Council and the Academia de las Buenas Letras de Granada, with the book of poems La Hoja (Editorial Alhulia, Granada, 2011). In 2012 she awarded the second prize Nací en el Mediterráneo with the text Origen. In 2014 she was finalist of the international poetry prize José Zorrilla, and she got the XVII international prize Flor de Jara given by the Diputación de Cáceres with the book of poems El peso de las alas (Diputación de Cáceres, Cáceres, 2014). Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, such as: Polimnia 2003 2013 (Editorial UPV, Valencia, 2014) or 25 miradas para compartir la luz. Antología de poetas valencianos (Club UNESCO for the protection of intangible heritage, Editorial Boreal Libros, Valencia, 2015). She is the authoress of the book Odisea o metamorfosis: diseño de atmósferas con parámetros esquivos (Editorial Escila, Valencia, 2013). She has published several articles and book chapters, among which is Un relato romántico: de la literatura hacia la arquitectura, in the book Revisando el Romanticismo (General de Ediciones de Arquitectura, Valencia, 2013). Since 2012 she collaborates in the research project Architecture & literature, in the Composition Department of the Universitat Politècnica de València. In this department she is currently working as a researcher on issues related to the architectural heritage in the project Roman Theatres of Hispania, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the government of Spain. She reconciles these activities with her work as architect. Since 2012 she constitutes with Guillermo Guimaraens the study GUIMARAENS + NAVALÓN.